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Brooks College

Brooks Residential College is modeled on years of successful and traditional living-learning programs such as those found at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. As the first and oldest residential college on Baylor’s campus, Brooks is an established, engaging, and vibrant community with a trans-disciplinary focus, open to all academic majors and classifications.

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Campus Visits

Brooks Residential College offers tours Fridays at 2:00pm. Please contact Visit Experiences to set up your tour of our community.

“Brooks is not perfect, but what place is? What makes Brooks special is that its imperfect people have built for themselves a neighborhood and a family, simultaneously welcoming and making us better while we in turn help to improve this delightfully imperfect community.”

Sam Cox

“Brooks is the equivalent to a family holiday gathering, except you get to enjoy it all year round! You truly build a family here and are loved ever so dearly by each of the residents and faculty that pass through these archways year after year. God truly blessed me when He gave me Baylor, but He didn't stop there... He then gave me Brooks and I am oh so thankful He did! Sic'em Brooks!”

Olivia Worsham
Communication Studies, Senior

“Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. Brooks is the home that binds us through the nurture of its faculty and students alike that presides with all who grace its humble steps.”

Pranay Lalloobhai
Pre-Biology, Junior